Taizhou Keyan fine chemical co.,ltd.
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It was set up in April 2001,Taizhou Keyan fine chemical co., ltd locates on Jiangyan economic development area,which occupies over 40,000 ㎡ with the total investment of more than 100 million RMB. currently we have more than 300 employees, and around 80 are various technician and experts. It is a comprehensive international...

       Welcome Taizhou Keyan fine chemical co., ltd

Domestic trade 1st department(acetophenone series)
Contact: Huangbo
Tel: +86-523-88115808 88115806
Mobile: +86-13775725866

Domestic trade 2nd department(photoinitiator series)
Contact: Qian peng
Mobile: +86-18805268360

Antifouling paint
Contact: Wang Zhiyong
Mobile: +86-13921720078

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